Serving the community is why I’m running for Roseville City Council. For me, you could call it my life’s second calling besides nursing. I take great pride in keeping up with the pulse of the community. Whether it’s through your phone calls and questions, listening to your comments at public meetings, seeing you at one of our city and neighborhood events, or meeting you for coffee to discuss our community. It’s also personal for me. My entire family lives in Roseville and South Placer County. I want to make sure their children and grandchildren will also feel that Roseville is the best place to call home. I know this can only continue to be a vibrant place to live thru proper planning and infrastructure that will encourage business to remain and to relocate here in Roseville.

Dear friends and neighbors,

Roseville faces many challenges in the future and needs effective leadership on the council. During my tenure as your Mayor and Councilmember, I listened to the public and made decisions based on what you told me were your most important values. We have a city that we all are proud to call home.

I’m excited to be running for the Roseville City Council on November 8, 2022. I have worked my entire public career to make this the great city we have, along with various council members and staff over my 30 years serving you. We have one of the safest cities in California and the nation because my primary priority is public safety. Without a safe community all other parameters are diminished. I have served as a City of Roseville Councilmember for 20 years, twice as Mayor, and been involved in many utility commissions and committees over the years and that’s why we have such good public services including 80 parks city wide. While this time I am running in District 2, the heart of Roseville where I and my husband have lived our entire life, my decisions will always be for the betterment of the city of Roseville. In this election experience matters. I know this district and I appreciate what we value in historic Roseville. I plan to work hard to maintain our quality of life.

I’m delighted to have the endorsement of Roseville Mayor Krista Bernasconi, Vice Mayor Bruce Houdesheldt, and Councilmember Tracey Mendonza, and Placer County Supervisor Bonnie Gore who serves a large portion of Roseville and lives in District 2.

In addition I am happy to have additional endorsements from Kevin Kiley our assemblyman and congressional candidate, Ted Gaines from the Board of Equalization and former assembly and senator, five former mayors and a host of Roseville Commission and school board members.

Also I have the endorsement of many small business owner in Roseville and endorsement of the BIA (Building Industry Association), the Sacramento Metro Chamber of Commerce PAC and local labor union 185.

My husband Richard of 53 years and I have raised 4 children and we have 6 grandchildren, many who reside in Roseville. We have a terrific city to work, play and raise a family. I’m running again to continue to work to keep Roseville the envy of the region.


Pauline Roccucci

Roseville City Council Member

The Roccucci Family — Pauline, husband Richard and all four of their children and six grandchildren are proud to call Roseville and South Placer home. Families are important to me and I will continue to base my decisions to benefit families, our youth and seniors in Roseville. I’m a good listener who is dedicated to improving our quality of life by addressing my priorities of traffic relief, managed growth and fiscal responsibility.

I hope to improve our fire and police response times and lessen congestion on our roadways to make our community safer. I plan to accomplish this by continuing the City’s effort to improve roadways and enhance our traffic signal coordination along major arterials. I am especially concerned about the need for careful City planning in the proposed developments in Western Roseville to help us prevent the kind of reckless sprawl that has too often occurred in other parts of California.

Our family is dedicated to public service. One son is a firefighter/captain, another son a probation officer, a daughter who is a paralegal and has been an elementary school teacher and a daughter who works at Buljan Intermediate School and the City School District Adventure Club.

My mother and father in-laws owned and operated a shoe repair business in Old Historic Roseville for over 45 years and my father worked for the Southern Pacific Railroad in Roseville for over 40 years. My family has lived their entire lives in Roseville so I’m determined to keep Roseville a great place to work, live and raise a family.

My goal is to keep all of our services and utilities at the high level of quality our residents and businesses have come to expect. We need to do this for our children and families.