My priorities have always been and will remain;

  • Public Safety – A safe community by providing the best police, fire protection and emergency health services for our residents and businesses.

  • Homelessness – We also took proactive measures to house the homeless.

  • Fiscal Responsibility – Promote strict standards of financial oversight and public accountability in City government.

  • Utilities and Services – Maintain and improve our utilities and services. Maintain low costs and reliable services which are essential to economic development and citizen well-being. Ensure we have a safe water supply, parks and open space for all of our residents.

  • Traffic Relief – Improve and expand our transportation and roadway systems with an emphasis on providing more opportunities for alternative transportation options like public transit, bicycling, and walking to make Roseville a more pedestrian friendly city.

  • Revitalization – Continue the effort with revitalization of Roseville’s older areas to minimize blight and encourage private investment. Invest in well planned infrastructure and growth.

  • Quality of Life – Continue to provide for and increase new businesses in Roseville with emphasis on quality jobs so people can afford to work, live and play in Roseville. Emphasize target industries like green energy, health care, and higher education.