1974 BS in Nursing with a Certificate in Public Health Nursing
1968 Sacramento City College Graduate
1968 Registered Nurse
1995 Recieved “Distinguished Service Award” from CSUS Alumni Association
2006 Recieved “Water Statesperson of the Year Award” from the Regional Water Authority
Work History/Community Service
2008-2016 Roseville City Council
2010-2012 Mayor of the City of Roseville
1998-2006 Placer County Water Agency (PCWA) Director, District 1 (Chairperson)
1989-1998 Served two terms on Roseville City Council
1989-1991 Mayor of City of Roseville
1974-2018 Registered Nurse at Dignity Health, Mercy San Juan Medical Center and Mercy Folsom Hospital
1968-1973 Registered Nurse at Roseville Community Hospital
Volunteer Work
1988-present Flying Samaritan Medical Health Team providing health care to farm workers in Mexico
1990-present Roseville Soroptimist Member
1988-1995 Mercy Medical Clinic – Loaves and Fishes
2013-present EXCEL Roseville, current president, providing services to under served children
2007-present: South Placer Women’s Leadership Coalition Member
Lifelong resident of Roseville
Married 49 years with 4 children and 6 grandchildren
Husband Richard was former Mayor of Roseville and present Placer County Planning Commissioner

Committees (ended in December 2016)


  • Placer County Flood Control & Water Conservation Board of Directors
  • Regional Water Authority Board of Directors Risk Oversight Committee
  • Union Pacific/City of Roseville Committee
  • Downtown Business Attraction Team Steering Committee
  • PCWA/Roseville joint water meeting
  • South Placer Waste Water Authority JPA


  • “Bizz Johnson” Highway Interchange Joint Powers Authority (JPA)
  • Placer County Economic Development Board
  • Northern California Power Agency (NCPA)
  • Economic Development Advisory Committee (EDAC)
  • Roseville Revitalization Committee
  • Naming of Fire Department Facilities Committee


  • City-County Committee for Regional Development Issues
  • Regional Cooperative Fire Protection
  • School District-City of Roseville Issues Committee
  • Parks & Recreation Ad Hoc Committee for Naming of Facilities within City Parks
  • City Selection Committee
  • Parks & Recreation Ad Hoc Committee for Naming of Facilities within City Parks
  • City Selection Committee
  • Mayor/Supervisors Quarterly Meeting
  • Business Advisory Council
  • Sacto Pacific Rim Committee
  • Annexation Negotiations with Placer County
  • Placer County Local Community Benefit Committee (LCBC)
  • City/County Master Tax Share & Annexation Ad Hoc Committee
  • Association of Bay Area Governments Finance for Non-profit Corporation

Past Committees

1998-2006Northern California Power Agency (NCPA) Commissioner, representing PCWA/Legislation and Regulation Committee
2000-2006PCWA and Placer County Water and Energy Committee Chairperson
2004-2006Placer Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) Representative to Special Districts
2000-2006Regional Water Authority Representative, Executive Committee Member, Elected Chairperson of Authority in 2005
2007-2008Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) member representing in the public (alternate)
2004American Public Power Association, Policy Maker Committee Member
2000-2002Nevada Irrigation District/PCWA Ad Hoc Committee Chairperson
1999-2000Regional Council of Rural Counties, Water/Hydro Committee
1998-2000PCWA Budget Committee
1995Roseville Regional Mall Committee
1993Legislation and Regulatory Committee for NCPA and APPA
1991-Dec 1998American Public Power Association (APPA) Board of Directors for South West United States. Re-elected to the Board of Directors, June 1995
1990-Dec 1998Northern California Power Agency (NCPA) Commissioner representing the City of Roseville